What Can I Do To Make My Basement Floor Feel Warmer?

Let’s face it, a cold, concrete slab is an ugly problem.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to make your basement floor warmer and “feet friendly”.

Since moisture, sometimes caused by simple condensation, is often the single greatest problem to overcome in a basement, a sub-floor designed to allow the concrete to breathe underneath can eliminate the cold, direct contact problem that can result in a damp carpet, for example, and the smell that sometimes goes with it.   Sub-flooring products are available that allow you to install carpet, vinyl, tile or wood without the likelihood that normal floor dampness will damaging everything.  This special type of sub-floor does this by establishing a vapor barrier between your floor treatments and concrete floor along with a channel system to give moisture an opportunity to evaporate or travel to a drain.

Ask your contractor for information about a basement-friendly sub-floor and enjoy “happy feet” for years to come!