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mint uk slang

He was mortal.". ", Something full to the brim, or rammed, could be described as "chockalock. Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla. being in an original and unused or unspoiled state. Having trouble understanding somebody from across the pond? The very British equivalent to "Hey presto!" ", "Miffed" possibly derives from the German "muffen," meaning "to sulk. ", "He skived off school so we could all go to Thorpe Park on a weekday.". Calling "bagsy" is the equivalent of calling "shotgun" or "dibs" when something, like the front seat of the car, is offered up to a group. Note: We have 32 other definitions for MINT in our Acronym Attic. The word could be a variation of "toddle" -- like a young child's first steps. "Pop" has evolved from "cock," and when someone "cocked" their clogs, the toes of their clogs pointed up in the air as they lay down dead. "Wow -- you've really splashed out on this party! ", Although the adjective's origins remain largely unknown, early documented uses seem to use the word as synonymous with "smear," further suggesting that someone who is "smarmy" is also "slick" or "slippery. This phrase became mainstream in the USA in the 1920s despite its British origins, but its popularity in the States has dwindled since the turn of the century. This second theory has been disproved, however, by the slang's documentation predating the popularity of the phrase "by our lady.". That house is worth a mint It must have cost a mint to produce! It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Considering that the television is a comparatively recent invention (at least relative to the history of the English language), it’s surprising how many slang words we … "Over-egging the pudding" means embellishing or over-doing something to the extent that it's detrimental to the finished product. It was mint !” A large amount of money. A slang term for the new breed of police officers who patrol on bicycles, particularly apt in the winter months, when they have to brave the bad weather. The origins of the word are widely disputed. Men's urinals were free of charge. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 23 definitions). ", An informal way of asking someone to make room where they are sitting for you to sit down, too, would be asking them to "budge up. or "Et voila!". Avoid growing different varieties of mint close together, whether in pots or the ground, as they can lose their individual scent and flavour. Its reported creator, British rapper Lethal Bizzle, elusively told the Guardian that the word "means anything you want. It works. See more … Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? This intensifier can be added to practically any sentence in order to demonstrate incredulity or anger. A slap and a kick for being so quick!". "The Nick" can refer to prison, while "to nick" also means to steal. ", "I heard you got the promotion. Our dictionary aims to be authentic - not made-up (like Roger's Profanisaurus - which we love by the way). Credit: contributed by "I don't mean this as a par, but did you remember to wash this morning? Wild mint grew in the field. After one's own heart is slang for of similar interests or sensibilities. An example of this would be “I really enjoyed the gig last night. This is real slang used by real Brits. No returns of any kind" is a school playground rhyme often exchanged between friends on the first day of a new calendar month, accompanied by a pinch and a punch to the recipient. Someone silly or incompetent might be described as a wally. v. verb. ", Examples include "trollied," "smashed," and "gazeboed. "That's when all of the lights came on, and so we legged it.". He popped his clogs, didn't he...", Something that is nonsense, rubbish, or simply untrue might be described as "poppycock. ", "She's come down with the dreaded lurgy. "She's great fun, but she's a few sandwiches short of a picnic.". 17 synonyms of mint from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 44 related words, definitions, and antonyms. "When are we going to eat? "Is it just me or is that painting a bit skew-whiff?". A "knacker" was the person that slaughtered worn-out horses in the 19th and 20th centuries for their meat, hoofs, and hide. Some believe it's derived from the Dutch word "blute," meaning "bare." very good, excellent; " cool "; " awesome ". mint (British slang) appetizing, arousing the appetite: moreish (British slang) baby: sprog (British Slang) boss; father (informal term and term of address used in the past by upper-class young men for their fathers) guvnor (British slang) cafe, diner: caff (British slang) cigarette; cigarette butt: ciggy Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. Used to describe someone physically attractive, usually referring to their physique. Geezer is thought to stem from the 15th century "guiser," which meant well-dressed. Copyright (c) 2012 BritishSlang.co.uk. "Tinkle" refers to a phone's ring, while "blower" is slang or telephone and refers to the device that predated phones on Naval ships. When growing in pots, rejuvenate congested clumps by upturning the container, removing the rootball and splitting it in half. "Oh, nothing exciting to report. He's turned into such a swot! A "pea-souper" is a thick fog, often with a yellow or black tinge, caused by air pollution. Find another word for mint. "Well, this has all gone a bit pear-shaped.". The action of chatting away -- with the jaw bobbing up and down -- resembles a chin "wagging" like a dog's tail. ", "Give me a call" or "ring me." Something that takes a lot of effort and probably isn't going to be worth all of the effort, either, could be described as "long." "Don't get caught, or you'll end up in the Nick!". ", Someone on a spree of excessive drinking and mischief is "on a bender. ", "Sod's law" is often used to explain bad luck or freakish acts of misfortune. "The dreaded lurgy" originates from 1950s British TV show "The Goon Show," in which one character has to deal with a national epidemic of an unidentified illness. heap (informal) top dollar (informal) King's ransom. and we'll credit you for ever. The name of a strongly-brewed cup of English breakfast tea with milk -- the way that tea is most commonly drunk in the UK. Means to be really good, great, usually describes an object like a car or a house. Mint definition, any aromatic herb of the genus Mentha, having opposite leaves and small, whorled flowers, as the spearmint and peppermint. mint (n.1) aromatic herb, plant of the genus Mentha, Old English minte (8c. Historically, only women would announce they were going to "spend a penny," as only women's public toilets required a penny to lock. It's common courtesy to offer a labourer or builder working on your house a builder's tea while they're working -- especially if they're working out in the cold. ", A nosey neighbour, often caught peering out on their street's activities from a curtained window, might be referred to as a "curtain twitcher. Someone that's "on the pull" has gone out, usually on a night out, with the intention of attracting a sexual partner. Mint used in this manner was most popular in the 1980's, mainly amongst kids and young adults. Mint Others believe the word is a contraction of the 17th century phrase "by our lady," and is blasphemous. This phrase is used to confirm or agree with something that another person has just said. 'In mint condition' has now given rise to a new use of mint in modern British colloquial usage as an adjective meaning 'great, fantastic, brilliant'. Merriam Webster Dictionary. It is almost always said in an excited tone. To "flog" means to sell something -- usually quickly and cheaply. Unrelatedly, "Clangers" was also a children's TV show from the 1970s about pink mouse-like creatures that lived on the moon. Our dictionary aims to be authentic - not made-up (like Roger's Profanisaurus - which we love by the way). (herb: peppermint, spearmint) (planta) menta nf nombre femenino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino, que lleva los artículos la o una en singular, y las o unas en plural. "This week's done me in already, and it's only Tuesday. The origins of the phrase are largely debated online, however, it's believed that "to nick" as in to steal influenced the slang term for prison, as being imprisoned is similar to being "stolen" away. (adjective) in the sense of perfect.

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