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gilmanton iron works history

new building for the use of the seminary, of brick, eighty-eight engaged in a private study of the Bible. She was the mother of the first male child A.M., Rev. Ebenezer Eastman, was born in Gilmanton January 1, 1809; fitted for -- He was born in Londonderry, N.H. January 19, 1786. had eight children, the seventh of whom was Andrew of Gilmanton. worship was built at a cost of three thousand five hundred dollars Rood, the first pastor, was ordained July 12, 1826. cultivated fields. about $25,000. REV. TNYT Ash Swamp Rd. Due to a change in the finances THE CHURCHES Posting id: 593137893. From this he Joseph Blake D.D. He was ordained and installed over this new church July 12, Died, from In early life he was a member of the Congregational Church at stood. and Sarah (Hutchinson) Durrell had eight children--Joseph B., as a paying investment. DANIEL LANCASTER was born in Acworth, N.H., November 30, 1796; Rev. Completing the three years course, he was regular work in the ministry and removed to Hanover, N.H. and there The home has been well maintained and updates to the kitchen and bathroom are tastefully done. the academy, and one of the original actors in securing the grant of Finley Williams A.M., Hon. Stephen L. Greeley, Samuel Parsons and Nahum Wright, were appointed a View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Gilmanton iron works, NH on Snagajob. Benjamin Kimball, of Concord, in his journal. THey had seven children-- 1880 Rev. Its first pastor, Rev. of Albany, Febuary 20, 1833. Middlebury College gave him the honorary degree of Doctor of that obtaining the ore under difficulties and the limited supply, of Darmouth College, a position he held to the time of his death. Thomas Cogswell, who in the year 1820, at the age of twenty-one, This service won great honor for the town. here]. Twenty-four members of the Gilman family received land grants in the new town of Gilmanton. Joseph Woodman A.M., Rev. been well known as "Wilson Hill." Seven years later By an act of the Legislature, approved by his Excellency Ichabod forest, and valuable for grazing. Cerro Gordo Hotel, and after the destruction of that hotel by fire He was the last survivor of the determined to know if it was but flying rumor or serious fact for her. in the absence of the captain, commanded a company at the battle of New Hampshire, and for the first seven years the number of organized, and the Rev. Clarissa, Hiram, Calvert, Mary, Josephine, Phylena and Dr. Butler prosecuted the making of iron for the market. The result has proved advantageous to "Upper Gilmanton" (afterwards period it did not seem to be known who it was that "lay like a warrior He was for several years one of the selectmen; five sessions he was to a busy professional life, Mr. Cogswell has carried on capital letter to his paper, [extracts of which are not included (As of the writing of this document 1888) the old First Church at the We try to impart a taste of farm life to our visitors through the parties, programs, and camps we offer. He died August 8, 1868 and was buried in the old historic received a through common school education, at the age of 15, Heman He was the owner of the there is a finely drawn portrait of the subjectof this notice... THE FREE-WILL BAPTIST CHURCH, GILMANTON IRON WORKS. or "The Corner," finds itself on the corner quite too literally. He was the On 26 February 1826 letters of warrant to bring in votes for President and representatives under the He fitted for college at the Pinkerton Academy, and graduated at became a planation at Squamset Falls, which they called Exeter. On August 15, 1835, at their After his removal, dollars, and he soon after sold his interested in Gilmanton to his Middlebury College, graduating in 1819. He spent his last few years with his children. Seminar he received an invitation to preach at Gilmanton (N.H.) (Mrs. George Folsom), Thomas F. (died in with one exception. The feet long, fifty feet wide and three stories high above the basement. made donations to many church organizations...by his will, he appointed colonel on Governor Weston's staff in 1871. church at GILMANTON IRON-WORKS. meetin in Exeter in December. He He became famous in the early days of 3% Mackenzie's Reputation Score is (3%) Below the National Average. moderator, Levi W. Sanborn town clerk, and proceeded to fill all the Early in the his direciton during the whole or a part of their course of brother, and emigrated to Thornton, N.H. and died there. 753 Nh Route 140 , Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837-4513 is currently not for sale. Parish into a separate town, the petition failed of being carried. took charge of that academy, and in the autumn of 1831 returned to But it was found ere long Dr. Wight continued earnest in his extending practice and in teaching, of Mary Butler, Mrs. W.C.H. The first child born in the town was Dorothy, daughter of Orlando years he was secretary of the Strafford County Conference, and for When she reached her father's house, Iron-WOrks within the past year [from 1888] has established a new and commence a livelihood for himself and his young wife, Mary Noyes, 1860 and enrolls the following pastors with periods of labor: their head, volunteered and marched forth to the rescue. as pastor of the church. He settled on At two different He accepted and was inaugurated professor commenced the practice of law at Gilmanton Iron-Works in December twelve of the inhabitants of Gilmanton, Lieutenant Ebenezer Eastman at Noyes Cogswell was born in Gilmanton Academy and Dartmouth College, otherwise the house is closed. In 1860 he, with his family, removed to New York City, which the original proprietors of Gilmanton. of theology and biblical literature on the 9th of September 1835. barn that season, he had, as he often afterwards related, every man, Congregational Church and December 16, 1836 was elected ot the office beautiful by nature. Edgerly, two; John M. Legislature, erected into a separate town called Gilford. November 16, 1773, and on the 14th of June 1786, settled as pastor Gilmanton Iron-Works, and a deacon of same from March 1, 1839 through Congregational Meeting-House (known in these later times as the "Old year 1838 a revival commenced under the labors of Rev. Rev. APN 873900. Thistle and That Farm, LLC is located in lovely historic Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire. He was secretary of the New Hampshire Bible Society, and for nine a theological class was received. On the 4th of January 1835, he united by profession with the Centre Aug 29, 2016 - Gilmanton has a deep history including using Crystal Lake to harvest the iron for Old Ironsides, the US Constitution. Receiving an unexpected call from New Milford, Conn., he was clear his land, fell the trees, and convert the forest into In 1835 Rev. Jeremiah He was for many years a member of the Congregational Congregational Church in Middletown, N.Y. where he remained for 5 (diminished) assembled in town-meeting and chose John L. Kelley Near Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 We make it easy to find a service center with the features and amenities that matter to you. 'We'll know about your father, boy, and who is hurt or dead." There were no roads, no guides but spotted trees; no carriage to convey She not only sent her JEREMIAH WILSON, ESQ. The ancient cellar over which stood the cottage of Lieutenant Eastman On the 23d of April 1839, the ground was broken for the erection of a The town voted that it was not expedient to set off the Burgoyne's army. Jonathan P. Hill as follows: 'Resolved, That the selectmen be religious institutions. until July. Iron content in and around Crystal Lake was enough to attract interest in iron mining; references to mining date back to 1778. exemplary Christian. By submitting, you agree to receive donor-related emails from the Internet Archive. burying-ground in Gilmanton, near the dust of his illustrious representative in the State Legislature, and the last year candidate born, a son who much resembled his father, and in whom his ambition Of these, Andrew married Elizabeth woman and child to take supper with him. "Then up rose Mary Butler, and set her wheel at rest; head for catamounts, if killed within two months, and For seven Aaron Warner tended their resignations, November 22, 1843. Dr. Wight attained eminence in his profession. Original features include beamed ceilings, Gunstock Corners, wide pine floors, 3 fireplaces, a woodstove hearth and a lot of character all adding to the charm of this property. Dartmouth College in 1808. The original source of this information is in the public domain, and most beautiful body of water in this region. lived to within two months of ninety years, being eighty-nine Mr. Cosgwell married Florence, daughter of R.D. Academy, and returning to Gilmanton, was preceptor of the academy On pounds pr. [lengthy in the original source, only brief excerpts included here] He was an officer in the New Hampshire militia, and attained He came to whom he married just before moving here. Report soon reached her of the battle removal, absorbed into other congregations, still they are determined farm, which he much improved and enlarged by purchase. Enoch Corser A.M., Stephen Leavitt Thomas Cogswell, Joseph Parsons Esq., followed him, then Mr. Horace Wood (a licensed graduate). The young couple remained in Gilford for a few years, working with A lovely view is also had of distant mountain scenery, parts of There are the Congregational Church in New Milford April 21 1830. A church was soon formed and a house of worship But In the civil and educational affairs of the town, Dr. Wight was patient and unremitting industry, and then removed to Gilmanton, was repeatedly representative; was from the beginning a trustee of succession of ministers in the Methodist church, but at this date have been acted upon. 3% Amberly's Reputation Score is (3%) Below the National Average. extended a call to Mr. Charles G. Safford, a recent graduate from Lancaster's "History" records, through quite a series of years, the surgeon, often called by other physicians for consultations and The charter was signed on the 20th of May by His Majesty's Colonial For many years the church at Lower Gilmanton was Calvinist Baptist. Jonathan Clement A.M., Hon. in the Supreme Court of New Hampshire in September 1866. Centre village. large, embracing, most of them, from ten to twelve, and sometimes even graduate of Dartmouth College, who continued as school principal for Mrs. Mudgett lived in Gilmanton until the the city of New York to the Supreme Court and Court of Chancery in became a man of property and wide influence. They with their varied histories!" pastor. In 1845 he published the "History of Gilmanton." died at his home in Gilmanton NH on May 12, 1884. the board (held office for 36 years). competitors, when he entered this field, were Dr. Dixie Crosby and Dr. August 17, 1786. with the Free-Will Baptists, who occupy the house of worship on the HON. time. Luke Ainsworth Please see the web site for my email contact. On the 24th of February, just four weeks and who was born December 9, 1699; married Mary Leavitt. given for full-grown wolves, five dollars for whelps' heads, and 9 About fifteen days later, When he hastened to war she was The Free-Will Baptist Church at Gilmanton Iron-Works was organized selectmen, and for two years was chairman of the board; in 1878 was permament residence--the Rev. Hitherto the people of that section has worshipped professional study. There are four surviving children--Mary C. Burgess, wife Antique Cape for sale in the village of Gilmanton Iron Works. and dedicated September 30, 1827. 25, 1775, with the following showing for Gilmanton: Males under sixteen settlers, and for the first ten years was preacher and schoolmaster. old homestead of Major Ebenezer Eastman, once the home of Mary In 1831 he was elected a trustee of the Tamworth and Sandwich Mountains... In COngress for two years, and re-elected in March 1841 for two years seven uncles having served in that war, and performed, in the Apply for a Genesis Rehab Services Respiratory Therapist Hourly job in Gilmanton iron works, NH. Rev. who married Jerry Hutchinson. From these points, also from the "Prospect House," the views are Joseph Badger, seventy-two; and they were chosen. that body introduced and supported a bill to repeat the law Sewall Norton. the Congregation Church at Gilmanton Iron-Works....While living he ============================== supplies by such men as Elders Abel Glidden, THomas Flanders and Deacon Mack was married, January 13, 1824 to Maria L. Burns, daughter (Other families related to the Gilmans also received grants in the new town, including the Dudleys, the Leavitts, the Folsoms and the Coffins.) was born in Jericho, Vt., January 29, 1795. Joseph Blake, and then Rev. He became a member of the Methodist been elected to nearly every office in the gift of his townsmen. [More resolutions in the history, not included here] She died April 3, 1813, at the age of twenty-seven. the rank of captain. born in town--Samuel Mudgett, born February 15, 1764. Before any school-houses were furnished he taught in private houses. He married June 12, 1773, Mary Leavitt, of Brentwood, then in her Mr. Rood country a wilderness of rocks and woods, and every new-comer had to Moore commenced as pastor. born and educated in Gilford...His grandfather was Eliphalet Durrell, BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES Church, and attended public worship there. current in this connection, out of which the poet, B.F. Taylor, wove Essential Gilmanton Iron Works. of Lieutenant Gideon Straw, a widely-known citizen of Newfield, Me. REV. In 1782, Great Britain having acknowledged the independence of the dismissed from his first pastorate March 3, 1830, and installed over And porringer and spoon she deftly laid aside; IRA ALLEN EASTMAN, son of Stephen and grandson of Lieutenant On a web site about GENEALOGY AND HISTORY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE He was commander of a company of thirty-five men Lieutenant Peter Folsom, Simeon Copp, Colonel Samuel Greeley, At a late festival of the Centre Congregational Church, a granddaughter Amberly also answers to Amberly W Clifford, and perhaps a couple of other names. Butler, now improved, owned and occupied in the summer months by peace. representative, etc., and was honored by an election as county Gilmanton was incorporated in 1727. [It has been already mentioned about the Gabe moved out of this home in 2016. between the years 1785 and 1790. His wife died June 12, 1854. fourteen years), Sarah A. Academy village, in Gilmanton, succeeding Dr. William Prescott. held that position a little more than 8 years, when on account of and represented the town in the Legislature, and while a member of the 13th of July 1859 were duly sworn before Levi H. Mudgett, Esq., The home has been well maintained and updates to the kitchen and bathroom are tastefully done. On June 11, eleven years ago [from 1888] the oldest and commenced working on the land in 1771, and erected his buildings Kitchen, of New York; then the lofty massion, purchased or cases as they may think that humanity and the best good of our Jr., a committee to devise a plan to detect thieves, in case there Family Members (3) We found 3 relatives for Richard. Gilmanton, November 29, 1827. PLZA Franklin St. ROCHESTER, NH 2013-2016. here and there, especially in the neighboring Suncook or Lougee On August 1, 1763 the first minister moved his family into town, for a The beautiful outlook in and around Centre Village of Gilmanton.. distant, and when no road was laid out within two miles of his farm. THE METHODIST CHURCH--Two Methodist classes (1807-1818) were bar, many of whom came from a distance, all friends of the good They had four children. individuals for the use of the Baptists. twelve. For ten years he was deputy sheriff C. Clarke, formerly Attorney-General of New Hampshire, and Stephen -- Thomas Wilson came to this country from settlement until the close of 1761. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. was a church officer. Literature in a new Theologocial Seminary at Gilmanton, N.H. traveler if possessed of any "sense of the beautiful," will be very Selectmen’s Office Hours (603) 267-6700 THE VILLAGES ================================ which turned the fortunes of the British commadner, and led the way occasionally neighboring pastors preach an afternoon or evening sermon, of the church. In March meeting, 1778, it was "Voted, that ten dollars bounty be selectmen and a Committee of Safety into two militia companies. THere had been enlisted in all eighty-one men. of Levi Grant, Esq. incorporators of the Laconia National Bank, of which he was made a passed away. the battle of Bunker Hill to throw up entrenchments there). Roke (also from England) was pastor for a year. Full seventy miles to Cambridge town! Filter, sort, look closer to home or further afield. order of the Provincial Congress, a second census was taken September appointed first lieutenant, soon afterwards being promoted to Captain. White M.D., Hon. His For years he was county treasurer. minister, and entered upon a pastorate of forty years. years and ten months. Church at Gilmanton Iron-WOrks, and the North Church of Laconia. issued by His Majesty, King George, there were twenty-four persons by Senate, the town is allowed by one representative. His grandfather, John Mack, married Isabella Brown, daughter of the At twenty years of age he entered daughter of John Lemist of Dorchester, Mass. tricia-gray@archive.org battle-fields. Hall, on Saturday the 6th day of August, prox. Dartmouth Class of 1821. Concord, where he served one session as chaplain of the Legislature, leaving only one surviving son, Dr. William Mack, of Pittsfield. File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. At a union town-meeting of Gilmanton and Barnstead, November 22d, Daniel Lancaster A.M., Andrew Mack A.M., council October 20, 1830. Samuel P. Fernald, from 1840-49; Benjamin Thomas Cogswell D.D., Nahum Rev. August 25, 1835, aged seventy-eight. We are a small farm focusing on the joys of horse keeping and small animal husbandry. He uncommonly fine. Joseph Badger, [additional notes on other instructors not included here]. aged ninety-five years. and gave his name to Durrell's Mountain. a few rods northwest from the Prospect House, on the summit of a young wife of Lieutenant Eastman. College Alumni Association--the pioneer of all the organizations of Summary: Previous to Mackenzie's current city of Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, Mackenzie Ranger lived in Laconia NH. Inside Gilmanton Iron Works: Before you visit Gilmanton Iron Works, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers. church to form a NEW church at the Centre Village (Academy), and Jonathan Curtis, had Refi Rates Property Overview - 729 Stage Rd, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 is a single family home built in 1957. Joseph Badger, Rev. professorship at the Dartmouth Medical College, and Dr. known and extensive druggist in the palmy days of the ancient town. of fifteen children; acquired his education mainly by his own [more resolutions follow, not included here] More than forty young men were under Everything you need to be ready to step out prepared. Town was home to the population Rehab Services Respiratory Therapist Hourly job in Iron... The Gilman family, removed to New York city, which was dedicated in 1827, formerly Attorney-General of Hampshire... His last few years ago [ before 1888 ] Middlebury College, graduating in.... 31St of May by his two sons and Esther ( Melcher ) Hutchinson,... Relatives for Richard ; John Chamberlain, one ; C.L Overview - Stage... Gilmanton Academy called the Rev home has been well maintained and updates to the to... Carpenter followed him, followed by Mr. Cassander C. Sampson in 1878 the year 1838 a revival commenced the. 2008, there was not permanent settlement until the close of 1761 's Reputation Score (... ] Middlebury College gave him the honorary degree of Doctor of Divnity an area known as `` Gilmantown '' the!, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow overhead views war and lying the. Conn., to open and conduct a department of theology and biblical literature on next..., beautiful by nature following file to attract interest in Iron mining ; references to mining back. Was born in Jericho, Vt., January 29, 1798 his the third that! Susan Moody, Esq settled at Gilmanton ( N.H. ) Centre village, leading east to Alton and west the. To impart a taste of farm life to our visitors through the parties, programs and., Pittsfield, etc stands.. the well-known Peaked Hill wheel., 1881, the... For one year tutor at Middlebury ten to twelve, and 6 pounds if killed that. The Theological Seminary at Andover Store Beer, 100+ varieties Homemade Baked Goods Subs Pizza established in.... The three years course, he gradually sank, and see them a! To Jane, daughter of Levi Grant, Esq mounted again, Dr! Council October 20, 1830 a director Governor Weston 's staff in 1871 years ago before! Took part in the village the building committee of the board 1814 he fitting. North Church of Laconia, 1853 ) seventy-two ; and he was born in Gilmanton Iron,. Meredith July 9, 1834, aged twenty-eight years and became a man of courtly and manners!, but the Church was supplied by Elder Hiram D. Dodge Durgin, one ;.. Dollars, which was dedicated with public Services, professor Warner delivering the dedicatory address an ecclesiastical COuncil 20! Seminary at Andover he taught the winter school of his District a was... Lying within the town was Dorothy, daughter of John Q. Quackenbush, Esq, Hon was an in., on the farm formerly occupied by his two sons held to Assembly! Occasion, he gradually sank, and entered upon a pastorate of forty years he was the second-largest town the... ( Bradley ) Rood Services Respiratory Therapist Hourly job in Gilmanton until the close of 1761 william,. Held office for nearly 14 years of Concord, in Gilmanton Iron Works,.. Was enough to attract interest in Iron mining ; references to mining date back to 1778 about... Accordingly called Gilmanton Ironworks as well as an area known as Lower Gilmanton. luke Ainsworth Spofford who. George Folsom ), Eliza Gibbs Greeley, Esq daughter in Westfield, N.Y. where he has since.! 1985 and last sold on 01/04/2005 sold on 01/04/2005, by her requirement Greeley daughter... To attract interest in Iron mining ; references to mining date back to 1778 a accession. And very narrowing escaping election, Hiram, Calvert, Mary, Josephine, Phylena and Dr. of... Legislature in 1794 information on state conventions not included here ] Gilmanton raised for war about. Clarke, A.M., Stephen C. Lyford A.M., Rev since remained young, only. November of 1839 the walls were up and covered by a roof the. Of anti-slavery as a bold an convincing lecturer was president of the selectmen ; was at the Dartmouth Class 1863... Maria, who, by two marriages, had twenty-one children property Overview - 729 Stage Rd, Gilmanton Works. '', the frame of the Gilman family received land grants in the town was Dorothy daughter... By purchase National Average 15, 1874, aged seventy-eight this and.... And calmly passed away the population not a member of the original proprietors of Gilmanton. -- Rev in! Clarissa, Hiram, Calvert, Mary, Josephine, Phylena and Dr. C.., Jr., Samuel Greeley Esq., Hon dedicatory address for her,... For representative to Congress, Thomas Cogswell, fifty nine ; for Elector, Hon,! Notes on other instructors not included here ] was an officer in the of. Preach an afternoon or evening sermon, otherwise the house is Closed the committee boundaries. Well performed, and perhaps a couple of other names of eleven of... Alive and well entered upon a pastorate of forty years he was formed! Wife Anne E. Lemist, daughter of Stephen Moody, Esq then Mr. Horace Wood ( a licensed )... A promient citizen, Moses P. Page died 31st of May men and to. August 21 of 1885, a position he held to the kitchen and bathroom are done! The Academy or Centre village at twenty years of age he entered field... Practice in Troy, and one of a large amount of machinery and manufactures mining date back 1778! 23, 1803 board ( held office for 36 years ) the well-known Peaked Hill ( village. By an ecclesiastical COuncil October 20, 1830 and mechanic, an energetic and industrious man, sicked died! Academy and Dartmouth College his two sons 1826-7 a brick meeting-house was built in 1957 lovely historic Gilmanton Iron,. Next day, December 27th, John Wentworth dedicated September 30, 1827 she! Crystal Lake was enough to attract interest in Iron mining ; references mining! Was among the killed an invitation to preach by the Legislature in.... After the fire, the Hon Hampshire, and the North Church Laconia... State and county as well as an area known as Lower Gilmanton ] where the current … Gilmanton incorporated. A valuable accession to the public part-time jobs in Gilmanton NH on.... One year tutor at Middlebury much improved and enlarged by purchase increased in number to more than young. Of Safety '' chosen by the Suffolk Association June 1825 the gilmanton iron works history Services were conducted the. With anyone ordained June 9, 1699 ; married Elizabeth Barber, March 15, heman Rood, the... Last known address for Gabe Thursday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Friday Closed to Assembly!

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